Zambia Vs Congo DR 1 – 1 Highlights (AFCON 2015)

Watch African Cup of Nations 2015 match between Zambia Vs Congo DR 1 – 1 Highlights video on 18 January, 2015 ..

Match – Zambia Vs Congo DR

Date – 18 January, 2015

Time – 18:00 GMT

Tournament – African cup of Nations 2015

Result – Zambia 1 – 1 Congo DR

Zambia VS DR Congo

Preview before the match –

Still now since 1997, Zambia played 7 international matches against Congo DR whee Zambia won in 3 and another 4 was drawn. In their last fight it was also drawn. However, cause of heavy head to head of Zambia Vs DR Congo, possible result favour of this match goes to Zambia’s favour and result of this match would be Zambia 1 – 0 Congo DR.

Definitely, this match going to be an exciting match and a huge amount of people waiting to watch this match. Though DR Congo isn’t in form but cause of hard working mind of them, it would make accident in front to Zambia.





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