Wolfsburg 2-0 Sporting CP (UEFA Europa League) goal scorers, match full highlights

Germany’s club Wolfsburg is once again showing their good form on the field as they defeated their opponent Sporting CP in the Europa League very easily and comfortably. They dominated the entire match and thus this win was deserving for them. However, Sporting CP managed to hold of the entire attacking side of Wolfsburg in the first half and created some chances themselves. However, after the start of the 2nd half, they couldn’t stop Wolfsburg anymore. They got the very first goal of this match on the very 1st minute of the 2nd half and after that the number of goal only increased. Both teams were equal in terms of ball possession in this match.

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The goal scorers in this match were –

46″, Dost, 1-0, Wolfsburg

63″, Dost, 2-0, Wolfsburg


the video highlights of this match is shown below –




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