Win for Barcelona, Messi on the verge of record

Maybe the God wanted Messi to break the record in the field of Barcelona’s eternal rival Real Madrid. Otherwise why would this magician find the back of the opponents net only once when he got nearly four to five chances? If the God didn’t want that, then it would be hard to explain that how the opponent goalkeeper did manage the last save when Messi clearly hit one goal scoring shot.

If Messi could score 2 goals then he would have equal goals with the all time Spanish League record goal holder. But he only managed one and it was as if the god didn’t want him to score more than once in this match. He nearly touched that 60 years old record and came so close that it’s still hard to believe that he didn’t get his second goal.

Barcelona was having hard time to score from the beginning but at the end they managed to win quite comfortably. With the goals of Messi, Neymar and Xavi, Barcelona won the match by 3-0 and kept their top position. The next match is against Real Madrid. These famous matches are also known as “L Classico”. Perhaps that will be the match for Messi to create a record.

Eibar team can not be compared to Barcelona in any comparison like tradition, record or player lineup. Barcelona stadium Nou Camp can hold three times more people than Eibar City have in total. But this team managed to stun everyone and stopped Barcelona till 60th minute of the match. To be more precise, it was Eibar who got the chance to score earlier than Barcelona at 40th and 43rd minute of the match. But they failed to score even though the goal post was literary empty and the second time Barcelona goalkeeper had a say.

Barcelona got back their usual rhythm when Xavi scored at 60th minute and after that it was child’s play for Barcelona as the played with Eibar unlike the first 60 minute. On 72nd minute Neymar doubled the score by making an amazing shot from Dani Alves’s cross. Within only 2 minutes of that Messi showed everyone that why he is regarded as world’d top striker. His magic made the third goal possible from an amazing one-two play. The 10th anniversary of Messi in Spain was made memorable by this striker when he scored his 250th goal in the league. Telmo Zara, the highest ever goal scorer in Spanish league will be able to hold his record for at least one more weak till Barcelona plays their next match.

Messi really wanted to break this record in this match and he wanted a goal so match that he tried to hit a ball to the goal post which was meant for his teammates. Eibar goalkeeper Xabi managed to stop Messi’s entire attempt at the goal. Among the 9 incredible saves he made, some were good placed shot by Messi and under normal circumstances he would get at least 1 or more goals. It was relief for Messi that he didn’t have to return empty handed from this match. The only thing to see now if Messi can break the record in Real’s field in the upcoming match. 25th October Real and Barcelona will play a match against each other.




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