What Real Madrid have to do to get to Champions League 2015 Final

Real Madrid is defending champion of 2015 Champions League. They were going at that goal very well. No team has successfully defended the Champions League is a long time and Real Madrid was looking very good to accomplish that but they fell short. maybe i should rather say that they stumbled in their way.

Juventus was considered the weakest team playing this seasons Champions League semi-final. Considering other 3 teams are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, i can’t blame others for thinking that. Perhaps Real Madrid also thought that they lucked out because they wouldn’t have to take on Barcelona or Bayern. But they could not have been more wrong. Real ended up loosing the match against Juentus by 2-1.


However, things are not that bad for them as for Bayern Munich. Thanks to the precious away goal that they got at the opponents home field, just a 1-0 win would take them to the finals. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and Benzama (may miss the match) on the striking area, this should be a very easy feat for Real Madrid. Although Juventus is widely known for its defense and they really do defend well, but Real has 50-50, if not more chance to make it there.

Unfortunately, there are some buts working against them. After that defeat, they drew the match against Valencia in the League and that may cost them the little hope they had of winning La Liga. Basically saying, their top striker, Ronaldo isn’t blazing he is getting a hat-trick once and in the very next match you can’t find him. On top of that Juventus is good at defending.

the buts doesn;t stop there. Before going to Juventus, Real Madrid didn’t allow an away goal for a huge time. But the same can not be said about their home ground. They are conceding goals at their home ground quite regularly. The reason is said that is because, if Juventus gets a goal here then things become much tougher for Real. the easy 1-0 victory can end up a big 3-1 victory. Where scoring 1 goal would have been enough, could turn out that even 3 or 4 goals isn’t enough anymore. a 4-2 victory would take Juventus to the final. 3-1 victory would result in penalty. So, for Real Madrid, the best option is score less goal but don’t allow Juventus to score here. Otherwise, things will only get tougher for them.



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