Triple Century in only 44 over match by hitting 25 Sexes’ and 35 Fours’

James Tal literary made everyone a spectator in his last match. Not only those who came to see the match but also his own teammates did nothing but stand there and watched Tal making a mountain of runs all on his own. It was a domestic cricket match in Australia and the match was restricted to 44 over’s but Tal made a Triple century within that time. He hit 25 Sixes’ and 35 Fours’ during this match and scored a total of 341 runs by himself. It is nearly unbelievable that almost 300 (290 to be exact) came from hitting boundaries. Tal was playing for Mater Hill against the Assassin. But Tal assassinated the Assassin’s with his bat and thrashed them around like people who can’t play. The team scored 457 runs by the loss of 5 wickets but it’s crystal clear that he alone did almost all the runs. If truth is told then 2nd highest run scored by his teammates was only 35! The guy who scored 35 made a partnership of 212 runs meaning 177 runs in this came from Tal’s bat. It clarifies that even his teammates did nothing but watched the game played by Tal.

Even if the game wasn’t any major game or any high ranking game but scoring 341 within 44 over isn’t an easy feat no matter how talented the batsmen is or how weak the opponent is. No one has ever been able to score a triple hundred in any competitive cricket match. Ali Brown scored 268 in a List A match but that was far away from 300. No other batsmen reached this many run in such a short period of time.

The first person to hit a double hundred on an international cricket match isn’t a man. Rather it’s a woman. Belinda Clark is the first human to reach double hundred in an international match. Later the Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar scored a double hundred as the first man against South Africa. After that this feat has been reached by two other batsmen. Shewag (India, 219) and Rohit Sharma (India, 209) reached double hundred respectedly. It’s really a miracle that only Indian batsmen have managed to touch the 200 mark in international cricket so far. There aren’t many batsmen who can reach this feat so easily.