Tottenham Hotspur VS Swansea City 3-2 video highlights (English Premier League)

The match of Tottenham Hotspur and Swansea City turned out to be a goal fair and the match was very exciting. Both teams played well although Tottenham dominated. the first goal came at 7th minute and the last one at 89th minute. At one point Tottenham was ahead by 3-1 but they could bot take the lead further. On the contrary they ended up conceding another goal after that and won the match by 1 goal.


the goalscorers in this match were –

7″, Chadli, 1-0, Tottenham

19″, Sung-Yong Ki, 1-1, Swansea City

51″, Mason, 2-1, Tottenham

60″, Townsend, 3-1, Tottenham

89″, Sigurosson, 3-2, Swansea City

the highlights of this match is below –



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