Top ten most earning Tennis players 2015

1. Roger Federer –

The highest paid man in tennis is the prodigy of tennis – Roger Federer. He is still far away than the 2nd earning player.

On court earnings – 4.2 million

Off court earnings – 52 million

Total earnings – 56.2 million


2. Rafael Nadal –

The 2nd most earning player in our list is Rafael Nadal. In terms of prize money earning, Nadal is only behind Federer at the moment and someday he may surpass him.

On court earnings – 14.5 million

Off court earnings – 30 million

Total earnings – 44.5 million


3. Novak Djokovic –

Novak is playing very well at the moment and with his new sponsor, his earning is very good. Its good enough to be in top 3 of our list.

On court earnings – 12.1 million

Off court earnings – 21 million

Total earnings – 33.1 million


4. Maria Sharapova –

A female made into the top 5 of our most earning tennis player and its none other than the female tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. The most earning female tennis player of the world.

On court earnings – 2.4 million

Off court earnings – 22 million

Total earnings – 24.4 million

5. Li Na –

another female player makes it to the top 5 of our list and she is an Asian. She won the grand slam title as an Asian in quite a while and that increased her earnings tremendously.

On court earnings – 5.6 million

Off court earnings – 18 million

Total earnings – 23.6 million

6. Serena Williams –

the sensation of female tennis and one of the best player in the world at the moment. There is no doubting her capabilities and her earnings talks about how great she really is.

On court earnings – 11 million

Off court earnings – 11 million

Total earnings – 22 million

7. Andy Murray –

Andy is a gold medal winner of Olympics in tennis and one of the top players of the world. Top brands have sponsorship with him and he earns a lot every year.

On court earnings – 4.1 million

Off court earnings – 15 million

Total earnings – 19.1 million


8. Victoria Azarenka –

the belarus international is moving up in the ranks and showing some good form and thus her earnings in recent days has increased a lot.

On court earnings – 3.6 million

Off court earnings – 7.5 million

Total earnings – 11.1 million

9. Kei Nishikori –

the Japanese sensation already is in the spotlight as he almost snatched the grand slam title on his first try. At the moment he is one of the highest paid athletes in Asia.

On court earnings – 9 million

Off court earnings – 2 million

Total earnings – 11 million


10. Caroline Wozniacki –

once she was number one female player of the world but even if she isn’t number one now, her earnings didn’t drop as one of the finest players. Now, she gets the 10th spot of our list.

On court earnings – 1.3 million

Off court earnings – 9.5 million

Total earnings – 10.8 million