Top 5 Most run scorer in Cricket World cup history

There are 11 world cup held so far. Some few players played 5 or 6 tournament so far. Ricky Ponting played 46 matches in this 5 world cup tournament. And the greatest player on the earth Sachin Tendulkar played 45 matches in his 5 world cup tournament also.

Indian great batsman Sachin Tendulkar is this most run scorer in the world cup history so far. He scored 2278 runs with an average of 56.95. In this progress he scored 15 fifties and 6 hundreds. In his 45 world cup matches he batted 44 innings and got not out in 4 innings. Sachin Tendulkar’s highest scorer in world cup is 152 vs. Namibia at 2003 world cup.

Sachin Tendulkar made 6 hundred in this progress which is also the most hundreds by an individual player in the history of world cup. His 15 fifties at world cup final are also untouchable in recent future.


  • Sachin Tendulkar

National Team: India

Matches: 45

Runs: 2278

Average: 56.95

SR: 88.89

100s: 6

50s: 16


Ricky Ponting was scored 1743 runs with an average of 45.86 in 46 matches in his 5 world cup appearances. He also scored 5 hundred and 6 fifties in the progress

  • Ricky Ponting

National Team: Australia

Matches: 46

Runs: 1743

Average: 45.86

SR: 79.95

100s: 5

50s: 6


The prince of record, BC Lara is in the third position of the list. He was scored 1225 runs in 34 matches with 42.24 averages. He made 7 fifties and 2 hundred in his 4 world cup appearances.


  • BC Lara:

National Team: West Indies

Matches: 34

Runs: 1225

Average: 42.24

SR: 86.26

100s: 2

50s: 7


Sri Lankan hard hitter opener Sanat Jayasuriya score 1165 runs in 38 matches in his 4 world cup appearances. He has scored 3 hundred and 6 fifties in this progress.


  • ST Jayasuriya

National Team: Sri Lanka

Matches: 38

Runs: 1165

Average: 34.26

SR: 90.66

100s: 3

50s: 6


One of the greatest all rounder of the cricket history, South African JH Kallis scored 1148 runs with average of 45.92 in 36 matches. He scored 9 fifties besides of 1 hundred.


  • JH Kallis

National Team: South Africa

Matches: 36

Runs: 1148

Average: 45.92

SR: 74.40

100s: 1

50s: 9






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