Top 10 selling jersey of Football clubs

Football is the greatest game on earth. thus, there is no doubt football brings more fans to its world than any other game as well. To encourage their favorite player or their favorite club people buys jersey of that team and supports them. Among all the clubs of the world, here we have a list of clubs that sell the most amount of jersey almost every year. Think of it as a top ten Jersey selling club list.

10. AC Milan –

Amount – 350,000 pieces every year.

Home of famous players like Kaka, maldini, Ronaldinho and many other and one of the best clubs of the world. Its no wonder, that this club has such a high jersey sell every year.








9. Inter Milan –

Amount – 425,000 pieces every year

Legends like Cambiasso, Luis Figo and Zanetti played here. It is also a top class club of the world. Having this ,much sales every year is quite normal for them.








8. Juventus –

Amount – 480,000 pieces every year

Tevez, Buffon, Pogba and many other big name plays at Juventus. Not to mention that Italian leagues top name is Juventus and a very famous club all over the world. Thus their being here is no surprise.








7. Arsenal –

Amount – 800,000 pieces every year

English Giant and one of the most famous clubs of the world sells nearly double the amount than Juventus and as English league clubs are more famous than almost every other clubs of the world makes things easier for them.








6. Liverpool –

Amount – 810,000 Pieces every year

Liverpool is another world wide renowned club. Their status as one of the most successful English League Club according with some top players brings a huge sale. That is why they are so high up in this list.








5. Bayern Munich –

Amount – 880 pieces every year.

The German giant and one of the best clubs of the world at the moment is Bayern Munich. With their recent performance being close to perfect and some top class players like Neuer, Robben and Muller, they are truely a sensation.








4. Chelsea –

Amount – 910,000 pieces every year

Another English giant and the top team of English premier league in 2014-15 season is undoubtedly a famous team. With players like Lampard, Torres and Hazard bringing some extra fan has become quite easy for them. I believe they will soon touch the million mark.








3. Barcelona –

Amount – 1.15 million pieces every year.

Finally a Spanish Club and not to mention a giant club at that. After all Lionel Messi and Neymar plays here together with Suarez now. perhaps the best attacking side at the moment. Not to mention Barcelona’s rich history and their status as one of the most famous clubs of the world has some say in their selling Jersey. It is wuite understandable why they were the first team ever to cross the 1 million mark.







2. Manchester United –

Amount – 1.4 million pieces every year.

Manchester United is known as the most famous club of the world. Perhaps the only reason they are in the 2nd position is because they still lack players like the first team. But they have Rooney, Angel Di Maria, Falcao and players of that caliber playing for them. Not to mention that this team is the most reputed team of English Premier League. All these facts bring in more customers every year.








1. Real Madrid –

Amount – 1.4+ million pieces every year.

Real Madrid is the Spanish giant and the richest football club of the world. They are selling a bit more jersey every year than Manchester United. Their Star player Ronaldo obviously brings in more fans. With Bale, Benzama and other star players like Casillas and such, this comes as no surprise. According to stats Ronaldo alone gets so much Jersey sale that the amount of money is bigger than any new clubs yearly budget. His jersey is the best selling one of the world.




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