Top 10 most La Liga goal scorer of history

La Liga is one of the most popular league’s of the world. Its also the most popular league of the world. the best players of this generation Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale, Suarez and such players play in La Liga. There is often matches where 5-10 goals are scored and amazing players like those above scores almost in every match. Hat-tricks and record breaking performances are too common here. We have the top 10 players in the La Liga’s history that scored the most amount of goal.


1. Lionel Messi –

Goals – 275

Matches – 304

Ratio – 0.89

i suppose this comes as no surprise. After all he is thought to be the best player of this era. He may not be complete but a team becomes complete with him and that’s a big reason of his success. With 275 goals he is the top scorer of all time.



2. Telmo Zarra –

Goals – 251

Matches – 278

Ratio – 0.91

The all time record holder of La Liga had to leave his top position to Messi recently but his scoring rate is still better than Messi himself and there is no doubt that this man is a legend.



3. Hugo Sanchez –

Goals – 234

Matches – 378

Ratio – 0.67

There is no doubt that this man is one of the best strikers of his time and this man scored quite a lot of goals. Although his ratio is not breathtaking but he was continuous with his performance and he is in the 3rd position of this list.

4. Raul –

Goals – 228

Matches – 550

Ratio – 0.41

One of the best player of his time and one of the best of Spain’s history is here in our list. His ratio may be low but considering he was rather an attacking midfielder than a pure striker tell everyone how great this man really is. He played the record amount of matches on Real Madrid’s Jersey.

5. Alfredo Di Stefano –

Goals – 227

Matches – Unknown

Ratio – Unknown

One of the legends of Real Madrid. This Argentine was one of those players that made Real Madrid into the team that they is today. he is in the 5th position of our list with a good amount of goals.

6. Cesar Rodriguez –

Goals – 223

Matches – 353

Ratio – 0.63

the Spanish forward and a legend of La Liga football is this man. Cesar scored at a good pace and he was a good striker of his team. he is in the top 6 of our list.

7. Quini –

Goals – 219

Matches – Unknown

Ratio – Unknown

Enrique Castro Gonzalez is the full name of this Spanish legend. He won a lot of trophies in his time and that has brought him into top 10 of all time La Liga goal scorers.

8. Pahino –

Goals – 210

Matches – 278

Ratio – 0.76

Pahino played for 3 different club within Spain and in its national team as well. his long career has brought him a lot of success with a lot of goals. He is the 8th most goal scorer in this list.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo –

Goals – 208

Matches – 188

Ratio – 1.12

I believe the ratio literary speaks how great this player is. he is complete as a player and has great physical abilities that surpasses even Lionel Messi but while Messi is more of a team payer and play maker, Ronaldo is pure striker. his capability to score goals is so great that in average he is scoring more than 1 goals per match. he will go further and there is no saying how far this man can really go.



10. Edmundo Suarez –

Goals – 195

Matches – Unknown

Ratio – Unknown

He was a center forward and this Spanish legend turned out to be a goal machine as well. With this may goal in his career, he is in the top 10 of our list as the 10th player.



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