Top 10 most expensive transfer of football history

Every year big teams make big transfers on big football players all over the world. Here we have a list of top ten most expensive transfers of football/ soccer history.

1. Gareth Bale –

The most expensive transferred player till now is Gareth Bale who came to Real Madrid in 2003 from Tottenham Hotspur. Some say that the transfer fee totally was 91 million euro while most say that the transfer fee was a record of 100 million euro.


2. Luis Suarez –

Barcelona was under restriction of player transfer but they got a temporary permission and made the 2nd most expensive transfer. Luis Suarez came from Liverpool to Barcelona. According to media and sources his total transfer cost the Spanish giants 94.7 million euro which is a bit higher than Ronaldo.


3. Cristiano Ronaldo –

When Ronaldo was transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United, he made history of becoming the most paid player of football history. His transfer cost Real Madrid almost 94 million euro for 6 year contract.


4. Zinedine Zidane –

Finally a player from the past. French legend and one of the best players of the world was this man. His move was from AS Monaco to Real Madrid with a record money of that time and that amount is nearly 75 million euro. The move was made in 2001 and this move held the world record for a long time.


5. James Rodriguez –

The Colombian sensation that got the golden boot in the world cup for scoring 6 goals moved to Real Madrid from AS Monaco by a huge sum of money. Just after the world cup after seeing the potential of this player, Real paid 70 million euro to get this striker on their side.


6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic –

Ibrahimovic made a 69 million euro move from Inter Milan to Barcelona in 2009. But his move didn’t last long. This Swedish sensation failed to achieve anything great in Barcelona and thus he later moved to Milan again and now he is in Paris. However, it can not be denied that his move to Barcelona was a big one.


7. Kaka –

Brazilian superstar and midfield genius Kaka was transferred to Real Madrid from AC Milan in 2009 with a record signing money of 68 million euro. It’s still a record for Brazilian players. That time, Kaka’s move was only behind Zidane and it was the 2nd most expensive transfer when it happened.


8. Edinson Cavani –

Cavani transferred to Paris Saint Germain from Napoli and made a huge money move. For PSG it cost over 64 million euro. The big move was helpful for them and they got a good player. The Uruguayan is still in PSG playing well and showing why he was worth that much.


9. David Luiz –

With a 62.6 million euro move from Chelsea to Paris Saint Germain, Brazilian aggressive defender David Luiz in on the 9th position of our list. It was a big move and one of the biggest any Brazilian ever made in history.


10. Luis Figo –

Luis Figo is known as a villian for Barcelona fans as he made a big transfer move to Real Madrid from Barcelona. In year 200 he made a 62 million euro move from one Spanish giant to another which isn’t seen very often. However at that time, it was the biggest transfer move anyone could have made.





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