Similarity of Messi and Ronaldo in Statistics

One of the greatest debates of the football world is who is greater? Messi or Ronaldo? There are many stats that will go Ronaldo’s way and in the same way many stats will go on Messi’s way. But in one stat both of these players are the same. If we count the total of scored goals and assists then these two players become equal to each other.

On 16th October 2014 Messi started competitive playing for Barcelona. A football organization named OPTA which works with football statistics released this information. They created the stats of these two world class top player and released it.


According to the stats, in last 10 year Messi’s total of scored and assist’s are 349. Ronaldo has the same amount when his goals and assist’s are added.


Messi played 284 matches for Barcelona in last 10 year. In those matches Messi scored 249 goals and assisted 100 goals. On the other hand, in last 10 years Ronaldo played for 2 clubs. For Manchester United and Real Madrid, Ronaldo made 331 appearances. He scored 270 goals in those matches and assisted on 79 goals. If we add them up then both Messi and ronalso has a total of 349.


Many can say that Ronaldo played 47 more matches than Messi and thus Messi has a better rate than Ronaldo. But these two players are so great that minor things shouldn’t even come into consideration. This stat shows that these two players have kept the world’s attention glued to their boot. Their play is so fine that they managed to reach such feat. This stat proves that both players are great on their own field. Like Messi has more assists despite playing less, shows that he can cope up with team much better and he plays at his own tempo. On the other hand, Ronaldo has more goals and shows that his capability to score is top notch no matter who you compare with him. The same way Messi is near the record of becoming the best scorer of Spanish league history. Ronaldo on the other hand is closing on in being the player with the most amounts of Hat-tricks in club football and he already have more hat-tricks than Messi. The world is eagerly waiting to see which of these superstars will surpass the other one. The eternal rivalry of these two football sensation’s are something to look forward to.




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