Sami Khedira might move out of Real Madrid this season

The contract between Sami Khedira and Real ends at January. The German midfielder hasn’t done anything this season as he was out due to injury. He returned to play against Liverpool in their last match. Sami Khedira has moved closer to the Bernabeu exit after it was reported his wage demands have dropped to just 80,000 a week. Most probably Sami Khedira is looking to move to Arsenal this January but nothing has been made clear. The German international is thought to be a great midfielder but he is not in very good form at the moment.

“We have until June to reach an agreement with him. If he wants to sign an extension, the club will renew him. If not, he will leave the team at the end of the season.” – According to Real Madrid management.

In my eyes they don’t look very eager to keep Khedira in the team. The reason is probably because when he was injured Toni Croos and Luka Modric managed to impress both the coach and the management to a great degree and thus they aren’t very reluctant to keep Khedira.

He could have moved to Emirates Stadium for Arsenal sooner but it is said his demand was too high to make it happen. Now he is trying to get to Arsenal once again. But the German is yet to show his full capability as he just returned from injury. If he can manage to pull off some excellent performance then things will become easy for him and we all know he is the capability to do so.

Carlo Anceletti did say that if Khedira wants then the team will extend the contract but it appears in a team full of super stars, Khedira might have to look for a new place to call home. We hope the best for this man.