Rugby World cup 2015 Schedule

Rugby World Cup is coming close by everyday and people all over the world are very eager to see their favorite team clash. here we have a schedule for the rugby World Cup and it will help everyone to navigate through the matches easily. Feel free to leave any comment or question you may have.


Pool A –

18th September,  19:00GMT,  England VS Fiji

20th September,  13:30GMT,  Wales VS Uruguay

23rd September,  15:45GMT,  Australia VS Fiji

26th September,  19:00GMT, England VS Wales

27th September,  11:00GMT,  Australia VS Uruguay

1st October,  15:45GMT, Wales VS Fiji

3rd October,  19:00GMT, England VS Australia

6th October,  19:00 GMT,  Fiji VS Uruguay

10th October, 15:45GMT,  Australia VS Wales

10th October,  19:00 GMT,  England VS Uruguay

Pool B –

19th September,  15:45GMT,  South Africa VS Japan

20th September, 11:00GMT, Samoa VS USA

23rd September,  13:30 GMT,  Scotland VS Japan

26th September,  15:45GMT,  Samoa VS South Africa

27th September,  13:30GMT,  Scotland VS USA

3rd October,  13:30 GMT,  Samoa VS Japan

3rd October,  15:45GMT,  Scotland VS South Africa

7th October,  15:45GMT,  USA VS South Africa

10th October,  13:30GMT,  Samoa VS Scotland

10th October,  19:00GMT, USA VS Japan

Pool C –

19th September,  11:00GMT,  Tonga VS Georgia

20th September,  15:45GMT,  New Zealand VS Argentina

24th September,  19:00GMT,  New Zealand VS Namibia

25th September,  15:45GMT,  Argentina VS Georgia

29th September,  15:45GMT, Tonga VS Namibia

2nd October,  19:00GMT,  New Zealand VS Georgia

4th October,  13:30GMT,  Argentina VS Tonga

7th October,  19:00GMT,  Namibia VS Georgia

9th October,  19:00GMT,  New Zealand VS Tonga

11th October, 11:00GMT,  Argentina VS Namibia

Pool D –

19th September,  13:30GMT,  Ireland VS Canada

19th September, 19:00GMT,  France VS Italy

23rd September,  19:00GMT,  France VS Romania

26th September,  13:30GMT,  Italy VS Canada

27th September,  15:45GMT,  Ireland VS Romania

1st October,  19:00GMT,  France VS Canada

4th October,  15:45GMT,  Ireland VS Italy

6th October,  15:45GMT,  Canada VS Romania

11th October,  13:30GMT,  Italy VS Romania

11th October,  15:45GMT, France VS Ireland

Quarter Final –

17th October,  15:00GMT,  Pool B Winner VS Pool A Runner Up

17th October,  19:00GMT,  Pool C Winner VS Pool D Runner Up

18th October,  12:00GMT,  Pool D Winner VS Pool C Runner Up

18th October,  15:00GMT,  Pool A Winner VS Pool B Runner Up

Semi Final –

24th October,  15:00GMT,  Winner QF1 VS Winner QF2

25th October,  15:00GMT,  Winner QF3 VS Winner QF3

3rd Position –

30th October,  19:00GMT,  Loser SF1 VS Loser SF2

Final –

31st October,  15:00GMT,  Winner SF1 VS WinnerSF2