Roma Vs Feyenoord 2-1 extended highlights (UEFA Europa League)

Roma managed a close 2-1 victory to move to the next round of Europa League. the first leg was a draw and thus there were a lot of pressure on them. They made quite a good use of the advantages and got themselves this win. they got the first goal of the match which later was equalized by Feyenoord. The match became exciting in the 2nd half when both teams became  mad for the winning goal. however, Roma got the goal first and moved to the next stage of this tournament.

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The goal scorers in this match were –

45″+1, Ljajic, 1-0, Roma

57″, Manu, 1-1, Feyenoord

60″, Gervinho, 2-1, Roma

The video is below –







Match Information –

Match of – Roma VS Feyenoord

Type – UEFA Europa League

Date – February 26th 2015

Time – 20:05 GMT’

Venue – Stadion Feijenoord



Roma struggled in the first leg against Feyenoord. They barely managed to get a 1-1 draw from that. by no means Feyenoord is a weak team but Roma’s performance should be much higher than that. They had the home field and the supporters but they didn’t show anything magnificent from that match. So, this time they are desperate to get a positive result which is more accurately a win in this match. Still, from my point of view they are the favorites because they are the better team here.

Feyenoord played well to get a draw from their last match. they got away goal too. A simple win will take them to next stage. If they let Roma score 2 goals in their home field then Roma will go for scoring more away goals. So, Feyenoord only choice in this match is a 1-1 draw or a win if thee wanna go to next round of Europa League. The match will be interesting.


our prediction id Roma will win this by 3-1.





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