Real Madrid Vs Schalke 3-4 highlights (UEFA Champions League)

Real Madrid’s poor form continues as they keep on performing poor every match. Although Cristiano Ronaldo, their top player scored twice today but the overall performance of their team is decreasing say by day. Today’s match was very close but the truth of the matter is Real Madrid lost the match to Schalke by 3-4. Not only that, they lost this match on their home ground which is even a bigger misfortune. The only good news for them from this match is Ronaldo is back in goal scoring.


The goalscorers in this match were –

20″, Fuchs, 1-0, Schalke

25″, Ronaldo, 1-1, Real Madrid

40″, Huntelaar, 2-1, Schalke

45″, Ronaldo, 2-2, Real Madrid

52″, Benzama, 2-3, Real Madrid

57″, Sane, 3-3, Schalke

84″, Huntelaar, 4-3, Schalke

the highlights of this match is below –



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