Real Madrid VS Getafe 7-3 full match video highlights (Spanish La Liga)

Although Barcelona could not end the season with a dominating win but Real showed amazing performance in their last match. Ronaldo also also on top of Messi. Where Messi scored 2 goals today, he scored a magnificent hat-trick. Thanks to that and some amazing performances, Real dominated the entire match and won the match by 7-3.


the goal scorers in this match were –

13″, Ronaldo, 1-0, Real Madrid

22″, Escudero, 1-1, Getafe

26″, Castro, 1-2, Getafe

32″, Ronaldo, 2-2, Real Madrid

34″, Ronaldob (P), 3-2, Real Madrid

42″, Lacen, 3-3, Getafe

47″, hernandez, 4-3, Real Madrid

51″, Rodriguez, 5-3, Real Madrid

71″, Jese, 6-3, Real Madrid

90″, Marcelo, 7-3, Real Madrid

the highlights of this match is below –



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