Power Ranking – Malaysian Grand Prix

Malaysian Gran Prix became quite an interesting event. Its been almost quite a while that Mercedes is ruling the world of Formula 1. 8 back to back races is a long while for any team to hold lead. Australian Grand Prix itself was no difference. Formula 1 world saw another Mercedes win there and they were perhaps thinking this was going to another boring year with Mercedes winning all the Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was on form, he was looking good on the track and Mercedes had the best machine on their side. Everything was okay when they came in the Malaysian Grand Prix. No surprise on the first few laps as Hamilton dominated yet again. But what Mercedes team didn’t know was what was going to happen here. While Hamilton had his first pitch stop, Ferrari had different plans.




Sebestian Vettel drove without any flaw on this day. And by the time, he went to his first pitch stop, he had a huge 8sec margin from the 2nd placed Lewis Hamilton. For the first time in about 3 years, Mercedes lost to pure power. It came as a big surprise.

Not only that, some things look bad for Mercedes. The fact that Hamilton looked frustrated on corners and was only found to chase is a big let down from the world champion. He showed quite a few flaws in this match and Ferrari was there to take those chances. Their machine was on per but the driving was better from Vettel. It comes as no wonder that he won.

At this point some are saying that, Ferrari might be the top title contender this year. However, the big shot of McLearn and Honda is also returning and it will not be easy for either Ferrari or Mercedes.



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