Pogba wants to be on the same page as Messi, Ronaldo

France midfielder Pol Pogba wants to take himself in the line world class footballers like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. He believes that one of these days he can be the greatest player of hiss time.

21 year old French has signed up to Juventus from Manchester united on 2012 and even though famous clubs like Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain wanted him, he increased his time on Juvetus till 2016.

Not only that this midfielder was declared the best youth player of 2014 Brazil World cup and he is very proud to have this honor.

Pogba said – “I am very happy that I got this prize. I am honored by winning this World Cup best youth player trophy. I would like to win more prizes and trophy like this in the near future.”

He played 68 matches for Juventus and according to him; he is working harder and he wasnts to take himself to the same height as Messi and Ronaldo. He said – “I am working even harder everyday. My main aim is to become the best player in the world in near future. I am working to achieve it.”


Messi, Ronaldo and such players has already taken them to a greater height than any other players of this time. No player with their right mind would hope to surpass them easily but players like Neymar and Pogba has the capability to do it. The road is harsh and results are a must. Pogba claims that he will climb up no matter what the circumstances.

The road to this will not be easy and he needs to work even harder to take himself to better position. But it isn’t impossible. Pogba is immensely talented as a player and if he keeps at it then one day his name might be on the top player list like Messi and Ronaldo. The only difference would be Pogba is a midfielder while the other two are strikers. Only time knows what future holds for this rising star. Can he become one of the great or will he fail while trying to reach that level. The whole world will be looking forward to this and so will we.




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