Pogba is staying at Juventus

There is no doubt about the talent of Pogba. Getting the best rising player award in the world cups proved his capability as a player. There are a lot of clubs that wants him thanks to brilliant performance. Manchester united is one of them. Chelsea was also in the run to get this upcoming star on their side. Juventus on the other hand desperately wanted to lengthen the agreement with Pogba and tie him with the club.

They have managed to convince Pogba and he lengthened the contact with Juventus till 2019. His contact was due to expire at 2016 but now he will be staying with the Italian giants for a bit longer.

Pogba played with the Manchester United team before for two years but his performance wasn’t up to the level and he was allowed a free move to Juventus. But after coming to Italy his talent fully matured and he already established himself as one of the most talented player of the world. His award on the world cup is the proof of that.

Seeing the change in Pogba and his playing, Manchester united wanted to have him in their revolution. But Juventus administrator Giuseppe Marotta confirmed Pogba’s decision in a press briefing saying –

“We have just signed Paul Pogba’s renewal until 2019.”

He also said that Pogba like it in Juventus and his currently salary 23,000 week will be trebled.

It was revealed that Juventus denied many offers from some well known club about Pogba even though they were offered a large sum of money.

After his frustrating season at Manchester united, he came to Italy and made a solid partnership with Italian Andrea Pirlo. The two back to back Serie A title that Juventus won and the flying form they have at the moment is also contributed by Pogba.

Only time can tell what will happen but it is clear that Pogba will not be leaving Italy before June, 2019. Thus Manchester United’s hope of getting Pogba back will not be happening any time soon.




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