Past Winners & how many times Champion of ICC World cup

ICC cricket World Cup won by five different teams so far. Australia won 4 times also with a treble, West Indies and India both win two times, Pakistan and Sri Lanka both win only one times. India and Sri Lanka are the only host’s country to win the tournament when they co-hosted the competition.


ICC World Cup Past Winners:

Winner                        Runner-Up                  Host Country                                      Year

West Indies     Australia                      England                                               1975

West Indies     England                       England                                               1979

India                West Indies                 England                                               1983

Australia          England                       India & Pakistan                                 1987

Pakistan           England                       Australia & New Zealand                   1992

Sri Lanka         Australia                      India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka                1996

Australia          Pakistan                       England                                               1999

Australia          India                            South Africa, Kenya, & Zimbabwe    2003

Australia          Sri Lanka                     West Indies                                         2007

India                Sri Lanka                     Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka      2011

——                ——                             Australia & New Zealand                   2015

ICC One Day Cricket World Cup was start from 1975. 2015 World Cup is its 11th edition. This edition will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand. This 2 country was host another world cup at 1992. Where Pakistan was the champion. At the last tournament India was the champion. This was there 2nd World Cup title.

Australia is the most successful team, who win this title for 4 times. They won this 3 times in a row for as first team. At 1987 Australia won this for the first time by defeat England in England. After 1999 they won this, 3 times in a row.

Current champion India and West Indies won ICC World Cup title for two times. West Indies won this at the first 2 world cup as well as India won the third. After first 2 World Cup, West Indies never reached at final.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan won World Cup for single time. Pakistan won it at 1992 and Sri Lanka at 1996.

The big teams of the cricket playing nation England, South Africa, and New Zealand can’t win this title for a single time. England is the 3 times Runner-Up but South African and New Zealand can play at the final any time. Australia and Sri Lanka is the 2 time runner-up also.

Champion                    Title Year

Australia                      1987, 1999, 2003, 2007

West Indies                 1975, 1979

India                            1983, 2011

Pakistan                       1992

Sri Lanka                     1996





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