Novak Djokovic VS Marsel Ilhan – Dubai Open 2015

Match Information –

Match of – Novak Djokovic VS Marsel Ilhan

Type – Dubai 500 points event – Quarter Final

Court – Hard

Date – 26.2.2015



Preview –

The Turkish player who is ranked 104th will be testing his luck against the ranked 1 Tennis player of the world. Ilhan is a wildcard in this tournament who defeated two times runner up within 3 sets and 2 hours to get to the semi-final. He won last 4 of his matches and thus he is confident. the Turkish international still has a long way to go before he can make it to his opponent’s level. But he shouldn’t be taken lightly and if its his day than anything is possible. however, his winning will be something not many will be hoping for.

The Number 1 male Tennis player of the world for nearly 3 years now is Novak Djokovic. Although he never fought this particular opponent before and he may take some time to understand his opponent on the first set, but his level is way higher than his opponent in this match. So everyone is hoping for a dominating win. Djokovic is ready for his 10th back to back victory in this match and he will be dominating. From how i see things, he is looking for an easy win and move to the Semi-Final. This will be an interesting match.


Prediction –

We think that Djokovic will win this match in straight set. But none can predict what may happen in the field. Thus watching the match is the best way to know what is going on there.