Natwest T20 Blast 2016 Live streaming (UK’s Network Channels on TV)

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Natwest T20 Blast 2016

Team list:

  1. Lancashire Lightning
  2. Birmingham Bears
  3. Leicestershire Foxes
  4. Nottinghamshire Outlaws
  5. Northamptonshire
  6. Yorkshire Vikings
  7. Worcestershire Rapids
  8. Derbyshire Falcons
  9. Durham Jets
  10. Essex Eagle
  11. Gloucestershire Gladiators
  12. Kent Spitfires
  13. Glamorgan
  14. Middlesex Panthers
  15. Hampshire
  16. Surrey
  17. Sussex Sharks
  18. Somerset


Broadcasting TV Channel: Sky sports will broadcast all the match Natwest T20 Blast


Match schedule:

20 May 2016:

Worcestershire vs Durham

Leicestershire vs Northamptonshire

Nottinghamshire vs Warwickshire

Gloucestershire vs Sussex

Kent vs Somerset

Essex vs Surrey


21 May 2016:

Sat Lancashire vs Derbyshire


26 May 2016:

Thu Surrey vs Glamorgan


27 May 2016:

Middlesex vs Hampshire

Lancashire vs Durham

Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire

Warwickshire vs Worcestershire

Yorkshire vs Leicestershire


01 June 2016:

Wed Durham vs Nottinghamshire

Glamorgan vs Essex

Sussex vs Somerset


02 June 2016:

Worcestershire vs Yorkshire

Middlesex vs Gloucestershire

Hampshire vs Kent


03 June 2016:

Warwickshire vs Durham

Kent vs Gloucestershire

Somerset vs Essex

Lancashire vs Yorkshire

Northamptonshire vs Worcestershire

Glamorgan vs Hampshire

Derbyshire vs Leicestershire

Sussex vs Surrey


04 June 2016:

Sat Nottinghamshire vs Lancashire

Leicestershire vs Durham

Wed Kent vs Hampshire


09 June 2016:

Thu Surrey vs Hampshire


10 June 2016:

Fri Worcestershire vs Northamptonshire

Somerset vs Surrey

Lancashire vs Leicestershire

Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan

Warwickshire vs Yorkshire

Essex vs Middlesex

Sussex vs Kent

Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire


15 June 2016:

Wed Somerset vs Glamorgan


16 June 2016:

Thu Middlesex vs Sussex

Lancashire vs Northamptonshire

Essex vs Gloucestershire


17 June 2016:

Glamorgan vs Kent

Gloucestershire vs Somerset

Surrey vs Middlesex

Leicestershire vs Worcestershire

Northamptonshire vs Durham

Hampshire vs Sussex

Derbyshire vs Warwickshire

Yorkshire vs Nottinghamshire


18 June 2016:

Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire


19 June 2016:

Warwickshire vs Lancashire

Yorkshire vs Derbyshire

Somerset vs Hampshire


23 June 2016:

Middlesex vs Somerset


24 June 2016:

Durham vs Yorkshire

Lancashire vs Worcestershire

Leicestershire vs Warwickshire

Glamorgan vs Surrey

Derbyshire vs Nottinghamshire

Essex vs Hampshire

Kent vs Middlesex


25 June 2016:

Surrey vs Essex

Hampshire vs Gloucestershire


26 June 2016:

Northamptonshire vs Leicestershire

Sussex vs Gloucestershire


30 June 2016:

Durham vs Worcestershire

Kent vs Sussex


01 July 2016:

Fri Worcestershire vs Derbyshire

Somerset vs Gloucestershire

Nottinghamshire vs Durham

Yorkshire vs Lancashire

Warwickshire vs Northamptonshire

Essex vs Kent

Sussex vs Middlesex


03 June 2016:

Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire


06 July 2016:

Gloucestershire vs Surrey


07 July 2016:

Thu Somerset vs Kent

Glamorgan vs Sussex

Fri Worcestershire vs Lancashire

Middlesex vs Glamorgan

Leicestershire vs Derbyshire

Northamptonshire vs Nottinghamshire

Gloucestershire vs Kent

Surrey vs Somerset

Yorkshire vs Warwickshire

Hampshire vs Essex


09 July 2016:

Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire


10 July 2016:

Derbyshire vs Yorkshire

Durham vs Leicestershire


12 July 2016:

Tue Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire


13 July 2016:

Derbyshire vs Lancashire


14 July 2016:

Thu Hampshire vs Glamorgan


15 July 2016:

Fri Worcestershire vs Warwickshire

Kent vs Surrey

Somerset vs Middlesex

Durham vs Northamptonshire

Leicestershire vs Lancashire

Nottinghamshire vs Yorkshire

Sussex vs Hampshire


17 July 2016:

Warwickshire vs Leicestershire

Gloucestershire vs Essex


19 July 2016:

Northampton shire vs Warwickshire


20 July 2016:

Wed Yorkshire vs Durham,


21 July 2016:

Middlesex vs Surrey

Essex vs Sussex


22 July 2016:

Fri Durham vs Lancashire

Glamorgan vs Somerset

Surrey vs Sussex

Derbyshire vs Worcestershire

Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire

Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire

Hampshire vs Middlesex

Kent vs Essex


28 July 2016:

Thu Middlesex vs Essex

Sussex vs Glamorgan


29 July 2016:

Fri Durham vs Derbyshire

Lancashire vs Warwickshire

Northamptonshire vs Yorkshire

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire

Essex vs Glamorgan

Gloucestershire vs Middlesex

Hampshire vs Somerset

Surrey vs Kent

8 Aug 2016: 1st Quarter-Final

09 Aug 2016: TBC vs TBC, 2nd Quarter-Final

10 Aug 2016: 3rd Quarter-Final

11 Aug 2016: 4th Quarter-Final

20 Aug 2016: 1st Semi-Final

2nd Semi-Final