Napoli VS Trabzonspor 1-0 video highlights (Europa League)

In the end Napoli only managed a 1-0 victory over Trabzonspor. Although it wasn’t a big score like the last time but in the end they got a 5-0 victory after adding 2. Which is big for them. The winning goal in this match came in the first half of the match. The goal came very early at 19th minute of the match. Many saw a big score in this match that didn’t happen as the match ended with that one goal.

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The goalscorer in this match was –

19″, Guzman, 1-0, Napoli

The highlights of this match is below –











Match Information –

Match of – Napoli VS Trabzonspor

Type – Europa League 2015

Date – 26th February 2015

Time – 20:05 GMT

Venue – Stadio San Paolo, Napoli




Napoli will be looking to repeat the last score when these two opponents met against each other. In the first Leg of this match Napoli got a overwhelming victory of 4-0. They will be eager to do something like that and this time they are getting home field advantage with home supporters. thus, it can not be denied that they are the better team in this match and they are the favorites to win this. They are 3rd in the League ranking and they are showing that their performance is up to good level to possess threat agaoinst any other team.

Trabzonspor needs to win this match by 5 goal difference to move to the next round which is from my point of view nearly impossible. Having 4 goal difference will put them in the same spot as Napoli and they may force to make something happen. But that may not be possible for them either. Actually, getting win is quite impossible from how i see things. So, a draw may be the best they can hope from this match. However, no one knows what may happen in the field of football.


We predict that Napoli will win this match by 3-0.




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