Napoli 4-0 Trabzonspor (Europa League) video highlights, goal scorers

Italian giant Napoli showed why they are one of the top team of Italian Serie A by nearly crushing their poor opponent in the match of Europa League. This time they beat Trabzonspor by quite a fair margin. The Italian club didn’t have to wait very long for the very first goal of the match as it came as early as the 6th minute of the match. After that goal, the match went purely over Roma’s side and Roma kept on the dominance till the end of the match. Their opponent made things even easier for them by scoring a own goal in the match as well. This win will give them a mental advantage on their very next match.

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The goal scorers in this match were –

6″, Henrique, 1-0, Napoli

20″. Hihuain, 2-0, Napoli

27″, Gabbiadini, 3-0, Napoli

90″+2, Zapata, 4-0, Napoli


the video highlights of this match is below –




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