Mumbai Indians – the story of IPL 8 2015 Champion

The story begins at 8th April. defending Champion Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians faced off on both teams very first match. Kolkata won that match by 7 wickets.

But the bad luck of Mumbai didn’t stop there. On the very next match, they lost to Punjab by 18runs. That day was 12th April.

On the next match Rajasthan Royals crushed Mumbai by 7 wickets just like Kolkta. To make things worse they lost to Chennai by 6 wickets on their 4th match of this season.

4 losses in first 4 matches. Some already considered that Mumbai will be in the bottom of the table this season. Some wondered what happened to one of the former champions? Why are they playing like this. A little bit of change in the squad and everything changed completely.


18 run win against Bangalore in the next match is where it all started. Although another loss followed the on the very next match when they lost Delhi by 37 runs. But after that, they didn’t have to look back. 5 back to back wins after that. 20 runs win against Hyderabad, 8 run win against Rajasthan, 23 run win against Punjab, 5 wickets win against Delhi and 6 wickets win over Chennai followed and they were soon in the top list. But they were still far behind and everyone thought they will fall short till the end.

As if to prove that a 39 run loss against Bangalore followed. But Mumbai had different ideas. They did not let that loss hamper them. As a result of that, another 2 back to back win followed.

This time they defeated the former champion Kolkata by a narrow 5 run margin and Hyderabad was crushed by a huge 9 wickets win.

just like that, the team which had the worst start qualified for the semi-final. moreover, they were ranked 2 and were just below Chennai.

on the first qualifier they had to face the tournament favorite Chennai and they emerged victorious by winning that match by 25 runs. Many were surprised as Chennai was the first team to make it to the final of IPL 2015.

Chennai however is quite persistent. They got their spot at the final by defeating Bangalore and for the 4th time Mumbai faced off against Chennai this season. most people thought that Chennai wouldn’t loose to same opponent 3 times in a row but this time things turned different. For the first time this season people saw Chennai completely out performed by Mumbai. They were at their best and showed everyone that they are the best team in this season and thus the trophy belongs to them

The 45 run win tells a little about the story of Mumbai Indians.



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