Most views Cricket clash & fights video clips it’s interesting

World 2nd most popular sports event cricket becoming much more popular around the world. It’s already huge popular in Asia, Australia & Africa but other continents becoming involve in cricket including Europe, America. Cause of lengthiness of it people was avoid this sports but T20 cricket change the strategy of cricket and increasing the fans of cricket day by day.

It’s highly enjoyable to watch the matches of cricket. Besides the excitingness of game, sometime it’s goes to contention fight between bowler & batsman, also goes to velitation & so. Though it’s a cricket rules violation and ICC make fine for players but it’s enjoyable as well. Specially the clash between super star cricket like Shane Warne Vs Samuels, Shahid Afridi Vs Gautam Gambhir, Denis Lilly Vs Jabed Miadad, Rasel Arlond Vs Rahul Dravid & Saurav Ganguly etc. Exactly, you can watch this fights on the below videos, definitely it will highly exciting. A huge no. of views got this clip on youtube.




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