Most favourite of Copa America 2015

Chile is arranging Copa America 2015. Twelve country are participating this league in this year. Ten South American country and they invite two CONCACAF country Mexico and Jamaica. It will be starting 11 June 2015. There are many strong teams are play this tournament in this year. They have many star player. Here we discus about four most favourite team of Copa America 2015.

Brazil: The eight time champion of Copa America Brazil is looking for next. They arrange the last FIFA world cup. They finished it very badly. But now they are remake their team. The new coach of this team Carlos Dunga make change many place. Now the team is very much matured and they played very well last some match. They beat Argentina in a friendly match few month ago. The PSG defender Thiago Silva is lead them and the Barcelona super star Neymar is also played with them. So they have opportunity to win this Copa America Cup.

Argentina: After the disappointment of losing world cup final they are now very confident to win this Copa America. They played last some match very good. Argentina looking for their 15 number trophy in this stage. Their last some match performance is well. The Barcelona super star Lionel Messi is lead them. Angel Di Maria, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Sergio Aguero also with them. They playing now very aggressive football. The all over performance of them is very perfect now. They deserve this Copa America and if they play their best football they will win this.

Chile: The hosting country have some benefits. Playing home condition is very effective for any country. So Chile has opportunity to do something in this Copa America Cup. The Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal with them. They are now in the best from. So they have opportunity to win it.

Uruguay: The highest champion of Copa America Uruguay is now playing well. They already won Copa America 15 times. The star of Uruguay team Luis Suarez is not play in this league for his suspension of biting. It is concern for the Uruguay team. But for the previous record they are the favourit for Copa America 2015.

There are many other team who have opportunity to do well. Colombia is one of them. They played last World Cup very well. Mexico also played good some match. Peru and Paraguay have also opportunity to do well. So it is very difficult to say who will win Copa America 2015 in the crowed many good teams.




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