Morocco may play AFCON Cup in 2017 and 2019

Morocco was banned from playing the next to AFCON Cup by CAF for not hosting the 2015 season. According to them, they were afraid of Ebola virus and did not host this years AFCON Cup.

However, the price they paid was quite a lot. Not only they had to pay money as compensation but also they were banned from playing the next two AFCON Cup. A big punishment some may say. first they were fined $1 million and then they had to pay $8.7 million dollars as compensation. However, Morocco did not take this easily and they appealed against CSF’s (Confederation of African Football) order. So Morocco went to CAS ( Court of Arbitration for Sport).




CAS the overturned CAf’s ban and allowed Morocco to participate in the prelim of AFCON Cup. They also lowered the compensation money to $50,000 dollars. Morocco can’t celebrate yet as CAF said that there is still a long way for Morocco to play in next two AFCON Cup.

It suggests that CAF may appeal against this overturn and may even bring Morocco to different jurisdiction. Junior Binym said –       “There are many meetings to be held before the way forward is known. Let’s see what will happen. The draw is supposed to take place on 8 April.”

This suggests that CAF isnt giving up this easily and no one knows what may happen in the near future. However, we hope for the best for African Nations.



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