Messi’s 10 Year in Barcelona – Review

On the day of 16th October 2004 Barcelona was facing off against Espanyol in La Liga. Barcelona striker Deko scored and the team was ahead by 1-0. 8 minutes before the finish, Barcelona coach of that time Frank Raicard, took Deko out of the field and a very young replace came out to play make his debut on the field. The youth who came to play as replace on Stadium Olympic was only 17 years 114 days old. That youth had already made the record of being the youngest player for Barcelona in their history that day. The name of that replacing youth is none other than the football sensation Lionel Messi.

Bojan Kirchich later broke the record of being the youngest player for Barcelona in September 2007 but Messi in this time created so many records and legends that no other player can even dream about touching them at this time. This 16th October Messi celebrated his 10 year of playing for Barcelona. These 10 years he has kept the football world magically enchanted by his plays and there’s a little doubt that he is one of this time’s or perhaps all times greatest players. Football has got so much from that it almost envious for everyone else. While playing for Barcelona Messi has won La liga 6 times and Champions League 3 times. League World cup has been also touched by this magician once. Copa del ray, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and others, you just name it and Messi won all of those. Every possible trophy that is gettable for a Spanish club player has been achieved by this man. Not only that, his personal gains isn’t small either. Winning the FIFA Balon D’Or 4 times in a row proves that he is simply the best no matter what.

Lets see some memorable time Messi spend at Barcelona –


16 October 2004 –

1st time Messi made an appearance for Barcelona in competitive match.

1st May 2005 –

1st goal scored by this magician and the match was against Albacete in Nou Camp.

11th March 2007 –

1st Hat trick of Messi in La liga against Real Madrid and they game ended in a draw where the score was 3-3.

17th April 2007 –

A goal that can be compared to Maradona’s legendary goal. He passed 5 persons before scoring the goal and the goal was a masterpiece.

27th May 2009 –

An impressive goal scored by Messi against Manchester United in the finals of Champions League. That season Barcelona won the Champions League after beating Manchester United by 2-0.

28th may 2011 –

2nd time Champions League winning for both Barcelona and Messi. He scored 1 goal on the final and he was also the best player of the series.

20th March 2012 –

Messi scored a hat trick against Granada and became the highest scoring player ever in the history of Barcelona and he left behind Iguala Sizar by scoring 235 goals.

22nd December 2012 –

Scoring 91 goals in 1 year. 79 on Barcelona club and 12 on Argentina team.

29 September 2014 –

Scored a double against Granada and touched the milestone of scoring 400 goals for his club.




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