Messi gets past Ronaldo in Champions League – goal video

last two nights have been the nights of record. First, Cristiano Ronaldo scored and became the highest scorer of Champions League by scoring the 76th goal while both him and Messi was on 75 before. However, this impressive feat by Ronaldo neither brought the team a win nor he could hold the record for much longer. Real Madrid lost to Juventus by 2-1 thanks some blazing performance by Tevez. and, after 24 hours of his record, Ronaldo had to see his record been broken apart.

Both players are considered to be the best of this time. If half the world says Ronaldo is better then the other half will say that Messi is better. However, it does appears that Messi is more accomplished than Ronaldo and he is liked more due to his personality and he is more of a team player.


For some reasons, its as if, heavens like Messi more as well. Whenever Ronaldo gets past him, he just comes back with a bang. Messi was not finding his 76th goal in champions league and by that time Ronaldo caught him and then got past him. But just as he did, Messi comes back with a boom and shows that he will not let Ronaldo have it so easily. After Ronaldo got his 76th goal in last night, Messi got 2 goals against Bayern Munich and makes his count 77. he is now the sole highest goal scorer of Champions league once again. Although Ronaldo’s record breaking goal could not get Real Madrid a win but Messi’s record got Barcelona a very comfortable win against Bayern Munich. The Spanish giant won the match by 3-0 and if Suarez and Neymar didn’t miss few very easy chances then the score might have been much bigger.

but the biggest news of the night is, Messi is once again holding the record of the highest  scorer of Champions League.

here is the video of those two goals –

1st goal

2nd goal



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