Malaga VS Atletico Madrid full match highlights (Spanish La Liga)

Malaga stopped the defending champion on their winning streak as they got a well deserved draw against them. With this draw, the point difference with 2=the 2nd placed Real Madrid and 3rd Placed Atletico only got wider. At one point they were behind by 2-1 goals and worse, one of those goals was by Torres, a own goal. in the end, Atletico managed to get the equalizer but not the winning goal.


The goal scorers in this match were –

25″, Griezman, 1-0, Atletico Madrid

37″, Torres, 1-1, Malaga

71″, Samu, 1-2, Malaga

78″, Griezman, 2-2, Atletico Madrid

the highlights of this match is below –



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