Mainz 3-1 Frankfurt match video highlights (German Bundesliga)

In Bundesliga 10th positioned team Frankfurt suffered a terrible loss to 15th positioned Mainz. Frankfurt got the very first goal in this match and showed promise to another win but Maiz had different things in their mind. After the first goal they conceded, Mainz found the back of their opponents net 3 times and managed a comfortable win from this match. With this win they got complete 3 points and they will be looking to do better in their next matches. 2 goal came in the first half and 2 came in the 2nd half. however, the match was very exciting.

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The goal scorers in this match were –

35″, Aigner, 0-1, Frankfurt

38″, Clemens, 1-1, Mainz

47″, Geis, 2-1, Mainz

50″, Malli, 3-1, mainz


the highlights will be coming soon



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