Luis Suarez – Apology makes people greater

The biting by Luis Suarez on the world cup had created quite a lot of drama. After that 4 months have already passed. Once again Luis Suarez will be ready to play. 25th October will be the day this strikers returns to competitive football. Last week this sensation gave an interview and here we have the small version of that interview. He also showed how eager he is to be successful in Barcelona.

Q – How are you feeling after getting back on the field ? Obviously you were hoping to get back to playing as soon as you can, right?

Ans – I am still unsure. Can’t believe it’s true that I am going to play. I played against Huan Gamp match but only for 15 minutes. Felt like I was a guest rather than a Barcelona player. I always thought how would it feel when I will be wearing Barcelona jerky and prepare to take the field and talk with teammates in dressing room but I can barely wait to have this feeling. I always believe that nothing happens without a reason. There are 19 teams in the league yet I am going to play against Real Madrid on my first La Liga match on behalf of Barcelona. There must be a reason behind this too.

Q – You scored more than 100 goals on behalf of Ajax. You took place by legends like Cruif, Fon Basten and Bargcamp. Your first Champions League match will be against Ajax. Is it a play by destiny as well?

Ans – Many things are happening that can not be explained like the game is going to be on Amstardam. After such a long break I will be returning to field and play Champions League on my first match against my previous team. I used to think about playing for Barcelona when I was there and now that I am here, I have to play them first. You can call it destiny. Its going to be aemotioonal moment for me as I will meat my former teammates and my fans there. It’s really amazing.

Q – You scored 10 goals on your first season and after that you never scored less than 10 goals in any season. In 2009-2010 seasons you scored 35 goals in one season. Are you addicted to scoring goals?

Ans – A striker loves to score over everything else. It depends on that player’s capability, technique, speed and correct timing. I love dribbling the ball and pass to my teammates and thus scoring. Some people might not believe but there are strikers who would make a ball for his teammates rather than score himself some of the time even when he is in good position. For those clubs I played for, I played as a team player. I did not only score but also helped my teammates to score as well.

Q – You are getting Messi, Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta, Buskets and such players as your teammates. Arguably even if if its not the world’s greatest offense but the top 3 striker is now in Barcelona. How do you see it?

Ans – I am currently only thinking about playing in the field and help the team to win. I want a spot for me in the starting eleven and I want to show the manager that I have come here to help Barcelona win many trophies. But our team and the players are very high quality as they are the best at what they do.

Q – What can the fans hope from you?

Ans – The only thing I can say at the moment is that I came to Barcelona with a thirst for winning. I am eager to win the League Trophies. I haven’t played in Europe for a few years. That’s why I will try to be on the starting lineup on every match. I am not willing to loose anything just because I didn’t try hard enough cause I had to earn everything in my life by working hard. I want to make the best use of chances given to me by the team.

Q – Because of loosing your temper very easily you have had trouble in recent times. Do you feel bad about them?

Ans – When I say that I am sorry, I say it because I really feel bad about it. If you ask for forgiveness then that makes you even greater. But still sometimes I had suffered even though I wasn’t guilty. For example – the problem about my class difference. Without any clear reasons, I was deemed guilty and I was really hurt by that. The rest was my fault. I know it and I have asked for forgiveness about that too. But the issue about class difference really hurt me.

Q – About what happened in the world cup, did you really feel bad about it?

Ans – It’s a good thing to accept that you are the one who made the mistake. I did the same thing. You have to remember that I am also a human and sometime I have hard times facing with the truth. It was really hard for me to believe that I did that. I had tried to forget about that for days. Only my wife and Children were beside me and they comforted me. I neither wanted to talk about it anyone nor did I want to listen about it from anyone. I couldn’t believe at my own behavior.