Liverpool 0 – 3 Real Madrid – Highlights of 22 October, 2014 Champions League match

Just after FIFA world cup, people love Champions League football matches. UEFA Champions league becoming more and more exciting day to day. 22 October, 2014 matches was the top level matches of this tournament where Spain Giant Real Madrid played against the most popular English club Liverpool and the result of this matches was Liverpool 0 – 3 Real Madrid. Karim Benzema scored 2 and Christiano Ronaldo scored single goal from Real Madrid. Cause of the below level performance in these days of Liverpool it’s definitely an expected result.

Watch the video of Real Madrid Vs Liverpool 22-10-2014 Champions League match all goals highlights ..

In this season, Christiano Ronaldo’s goals is more than the addition of Goals by Messi & Neymar. Though Portuguese team can’t play well in world cup but their super star Ronaldo doing high level performance and telling the world that he is different. Replacement of Henry Thiery Ori in France team Karim Benzema performing like the best alternative of them. Central striker of Real Madrid, Benzema scoring goal regularly in Real Madrid. This pair goal of him was much enjoyable.





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