Lionel Messi breaks Pele’s record

The Argentine little magician is just going on and on. He isn’t stopping and he is keeping his form as well. Once again the Argentine is in the picture and this time he did something awesome.

Brazilian Legend Pele is one of the greatest football player of all time. The little magician just broke one of the old records made by Pele himself in his golden time. It is a big achievement for the Argentine. This time he touched Pele’s record of scoring 40 or 40+ runs in 6 back to back season. Messi scored 2 goals in Barcelona VS Eibar match and got himself to this height. The place where the Argentine is ahead of Pele is how many goals they scored in this 6 season. While Pele scored 313 goals, Messi already have 315 goals by his name. This season isn’t completely finished yet and we can pretty easily guess that Messi is taking this into new heights.



However, on a night where Messi touched something like this, there is another good news waiting for him. He is now the highest scorer in La Liga at the moment. Both he and Ronaldo had 30 goals before this match which turned to 32 and now he has the most goals at the moment. Considering the fact that, at the beginning of this year Ronaldo had nearly 10 goals more but Messi is showing that why he is thought to be greater than any other. Messi already get past in terms of hat-trick and now he is looking in good form to take away all the records.



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