Lewis Hamilton new contract with Mercedes – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton, the world champion has made a new deal with Mercedes. This new deal could be worth more than $40 million if things go right for the 30year old champion. According to the sources, Hamilton himself had the negotiation with the boss and according to his the deal is done and its ready to be finalized by lawyers.

He said –    “It should be done this week. There is no reason it shouldn’t. Honestly, it’s 99.6% done. There’s no negotiating left, it’s just legal stuff.”

According to different sources, the Briton will earn the same amount of salary as he used to under his first contract which is $31 million in US Dollars and he will get some extra bonuses.

However, depending on his wins, world championship result and other bonuses, his salary may very easily pass $40 million in US Dollars.




this deal is fundamentally same as the other two big earners of Formula 1. While Alonso earns $40 million or more per year with his contract with McLearn and Honda, the other big racer Vettel earned $50 million on his first year (one time deal) and will be earning around $30 million without any bonuses. His bonuses includes how many races he wins and other things as well.

With this deal, Hamilton is now one of the most paid formula 1 racer of the world. Congratulations to him and we hope for a bright future for this racing superstar.



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