“L Classico” might happen in the quarter final of Spanish Cup

The two eternal Rival Real and Barcelona might have to face off against each other in Spanish Cup very early. The “L Classico” might happen as soon as on the quarter finals. Not only that but it is also a fact that at least 2 of the top 3 Spaniard team will not be able to play Semi Final.


Call it bad luck or something else but the top 3 team of Spanish league Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona will take on each other randomly (Not yet decided) and 2 of those teams will not be making to Semi Finals.

The Spanish Cup or Cop Del Ray is getting exciting and the match up for last 32 teams has been selected randomly on this Friday. Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are in the same group and thus they will have to take each other out before they can move forward. While one of these teams will not make it to Quarter Finals, it’s sad that at least 2 of the teams will be eliminated before Semi-Finals.

If Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid wins their first match then they will be meeting each other on the top 16. The winner of this match will go to Quarter Final leaving the other behind. If Barcelona wins their two matches then they will go to quarterfinals to meet the winner from Real and Atletico match. If Real Madrid can defeat Atletico Madrid then we will see a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Considering the recent performance of these three teams a “L Classico” on the quarterfinals is very much possible. All of this is just speculation as anything can happen. So lets wait and see if another “L Classico” unfolds on the quarter final of Spanish Cup.