Juventus 2-1 Atalanta match video Highlights 20-02-2015 (Italian Serie A)

Even after concedeing the first goal of the match Juventus ended up with a comfortable 2-1 victory over Atlanta. Juventus looked shaky at the start of the match and that resulted in allowing an early goal from their opponents at 25th minute of the match. the first half of the match saw two more goals and this time Juventus got ahead. In the 2nd half, both teams tried and looked for more goals but they couldn’t score any. Thus the match ended as Juventus winning by 2-1.

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The goal scorers in this match were –

25, Migliaccio, 0-1, Atlanta

39″, Llorente, 1-1, Juventus

45″, Pirlo, 2-1, Juventus

The video highlights is below –


Tournament – Italia Serie A

Match – Atalanta Vs Juventus

Date – 20 February, 2015

Time – 18:45 GMT




World 4th most popular club football national competition Italian series A is now leading by Juventus and also playing as a favourite of UEFA Champoins League. They have world class footballer with game change skill as like Carlos Tevez, Pogba, Pirlo and so others. Though peoples are highly exciting about Real, Barca & Chelsea but Juventus would be a break through of this season champions league.

Still now before match against Atalanta, Juventus played 23 match where won in 16, lost in 1 and drawn 6 which already indicate them this year possible winner of this Italian serie A.

Atalanta also played 23 match where they won 5, lost 10 and drawn 8 thus why their ranking was very below of the point table 17.



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