International Friendly matches Fixtures of November, 2014 (Football)

International friendly matches will be taking places this November and we have made a fixture and a short brief about important plays in this post to make things easier for our Viewers. The time is written in BST.

Match Date Match of Time
12 Nov 2014 Brazil VS Turkey 12:30 am
12 Nov 2014 Norway VS Estonia 1:00 am
12 Nov 2014 Netherlands VS Mexico 1:30 am
12 Nov 2014 Belgium VS Iceland 1:45 am
12 Nov 2014 Argentina VS Croatia 2:00 am
13 Nov 2014 Uruguay VS Costa Rica 5:00 am
14 Nov 2014 China VS New Zealand TBD
14 Nov 2014 Japan VS Honduras TBD
14 Nov 2014 Jordan VS South Korea TBD
14 Nov 2014 Paraguay VS Peru TBD
14 Nov 2014 United States VS Colombia 1:45 am
14 Nov 2014 France VS Albania 1:45 am
14 Nov 2014 Chile VS Venezuela 5:00 am
18 Nov 2014 Japan VS Australia 4:20 pm
18 Nov 2014 Belarus VS Mexico TBD
18 Nov 2014 Bolivia VS Venezuela TBD
18 Nov 2014 China VS Honduras TBD
18 Nov 2014 Greece VS Serbia TBD
18 Nov 2014 Hungray VS Russia TBD
18 Nov 2014 Iran VS South Korea TBD
18 Nov 2014 Peru VS Paraguay TBD
18 Nov 2014 Poland VS Switzerland TBD
18 Nov 2014 Romania VS Denmark TBD
18 Nov 2014 Thailand VS New Zealand TBD
18 Nov 2014 Slovakia VS Finland 11:20 pm
18 Nov 2014 Austria VS Brazil 12:00 am
18 Nov 2014 Italy VS Albania 1:45 am
18 Nov 2014 France VS Sweden 2:00 am
18 Nov 2014 Scotland VS England 2:00 am
18 Nov 2014 Argentina VS Portugal 2:00 am
18 Nov 2014 Spain VS Germany 2:30 am
18 Nov 2014 Republic of Iran VS United States 2:45 am
18 Nov 2014 Chile VS Uruguay 6:00 am


This is the fixture of the games that will be played by national teams in International Friendly Match this November.

Overview –

This month is going to be very interesting as many different teams will go head to head against each other. Spain VS Germany will definitely be one of the matches to watch. Spain who was unbeatable even few weeks before 2014 world cup and the former world champions are struggling to find a win from the start of World Cup. Their opponent is the world Champions of this time Germany.

Argentina VS Portugal match will draw a lot of football fans as two magicians Messi and Ronaldo might go head to head if they are physically fit. This will be clash worth watching.

Among other matches there is two of Brazil’s match and at the moment Brazil can’t afford loosing thanks to their humiliation in the world cups. Argentina has another match too. The Runners up of the world cup will be looking to get an easy win and regain some confidence which was lost against their match against Brazil. France and Mexico will clash against each other in this November and that will be a very exciting game considering the form of both teams. France were defeated by Germany the reigning champions in the world cup but their play level increased to another degree and that was made clear. Thus it will attract a lot football fans as well.