Inter Milan 3-3 Celtic (Europa League) goal scorers, match highlights

Inter Milan could not get a win over Celtic in Europa League. Although they dominated the match but when it came to scoring goals both teams were nearly equal. However, If Inter Milan did not allow the own goal then it would have been a much more comfortable for them. Allowing 3 goals against a weaker team than them like Celtic while scoring only 3 goals themselves may raise many question but it can not be denied that Celtic played good football in this match and the result is what they deserved. Palacio scored twice for Inter Milan.

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The goal scorers in this match were –

4″, Shaqiri, 1-0, Inter Milan

13″, Palacio, 2-0, Inter Milan

24″, Armstrong, 2-1, Celtic

25″, Campagnaro, 2-2, Celtic

45″, Palacio, 3-2, Inter Milan

90″+3, Guidetti, 3-3, Celtic

the highlights of this match is below –




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