2017 ICC Test Cricket Championship Matches Live streaming & Full Preview

ICC Test championship is most awaited cricket tournament of all test playing nation, and the tournament going to happen in first and third weeks of June 2017. ICC planed it to arrange in 2013 but  the tournament abandoned due for financial problems. ICC  Test championship test is replace of ICC Champions trophy. ICC also announce the second edition will be held in India between February – March of 2021.

ICC Test Championship 2017

ICC Test championship is organized by International Cricket council, The top ten test playing country can participate on this event. All test matches are authorized as a regular part of test playing schedule. After every match two teams will receive points in mathematical format, each teams point will divided by total number of match they played that will give them a rating. All the team are ranked by ranking point.

Test cricket is one of the oldest format of cricket, and treat as highest standard. The nation who have the Test-status in cricket they can participate in test cricket. The two team with 11 players play four innings in a test match and the match last up to 5 days. First match of test cricket played in 1877 at Melbourne cricket ground and the first day-night Test played between Australia and New Zealand on Adelaide Oval.

ICC Test ranking

Rank Team Point Rating
10 Zimbabwe 48 12
9 Bangladesh 687 57
8 West Indies 1374 65
7 Sri Lanka 2113 88
6 South Africa 2015 92
5 New Zealand 2449 98
4 England 3370 105
3 Pakistan 2227 111
2 India 2238 112
1 Australia 3765 118

ICC confirmed that 2017 test championship will be played in England, top 8 team will came together and fight for the ultimate glory. The tournament will play by round robin format, England have the big challenge of hosting this prestigious and mega event of cricket. India and Australia are the two top contender of the title because both are top two ranking team in test cricket let’s see what happen in first Test championship tournament.