How Much Moto GP bikes cost

Moto GP is the most famous bike racing game of the world. The sheer number of fans that this amazing event has is great. Among these fans there are those who are die hard fan and wants one of those bikes for themselves. And also there are those who just wants one of these bikes to show off. lastly, there are collectors who just collects things.

However, if you are not a millionaire then you can kiss the idea of owing a moto gp bike good bye. The price of these bikes are not only high, the maintenance coasts a hell lot of money as well. Not only that, many people end up mixing up between super bikes and Moto GP bikes which in the end turns out that they bought a super bike rather than Moto GP bikes.

Super Bikes are available with a costly price like $50,000 or more in some stores but they are not moto GP bikes by any means. They are just Super bikes. Honda, Ducatti, Yamaha, Kawasaki and brands such as them are major Moto GP bike makers.



To make things simple, Super Bikes are just bikes that are fast, stylish and costly while Moto GP is more like custom made bikes and you will only get one if you order for it.

Engines –

Honda’s Moto GP bike like RC213V will cost over a million euros and you have to add the maintenance cost to it.

Yamaha’s YZR-M1 1000cc will be costing around 800,000 euros for a single engine.

Basic Bikes –

Even though the real Moto GP will be costing so much that its scary. But you can get a basic Moto GP Model around $125,000. However, there are a lot of costs other than that and that is why you better be ready to get past $200,000 if you really want a Moto GP bike.

The better ones will be costing much more of course.