How can Bayern Munich can go to Champions League 2015 Final

The first leg of Champions League Semi-Final is already over and the 2nd Leg is about to start. By the end of first leg, Barcelona (the most favorite now) is more than halfway through to the finals. Bayern Munich lost to Barcelona by 3-0, in the first leg. Now, it doesn’t mean that Bayern Munich can not go to the finals and they are completely defeated. We are here to tell you, exactly what it would take to take them to the finals.


Lets start with Bayern Munich. Things are gonna be very very hard for the German Champions. First they are heavily affected by Injury of most of their top players and 2nd they lost the first leg by big margin without scoring a goal. basically, they need to defeat Barcelona by at least 4 goals. To go to extra time or penalty shoot out they at least need a 3-0 victory. Now, Bayern can do it as they have done it in the past only 2 years back. where they won both the matches by 3-0 and 4-0. However, if i bluntly say then i have to say that they most probably will not be able to go to the final. The loss against Barcelona was that big. Their best 2 strikers might end up missing the match and even if they played, they have to score 3 or more goals against a team that hasn’t conceded a single goal in their last 6 matches. To make things even worse for Bayern Munich, they can not allow a single goal to be scored, specially if their aim is 3-4 goals. If barcelona gets a single goal here then, even if Bayern won by 4-1, it will be Barcelona that moves to final. because of the away goal. Bayern is good at defending and all of the world knows that but when your opponent has Messi, Neymar and Suarez attacking at once then things change. Even the best defensive team will fall before these geniuses. To prove that, it was Messi and Neymar that got those 3 goals in the last match and if Neuer didn’t make some godly save then the score might have been even bigger.

So from what we can see, that Bayern is given a near impossible tast in this match but even if it is very hard and near impossible, under the coaching of Pep Gardiola they have the ability to accomplish this feat. So even if i am a Barcelona fan, i wouldn’t be too sure that Beyern is out already. They may come back with a bang and snatch the win from this match. With Muller and others at attcking and Neuer protecting their goal post, even the impossible can become possible.



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