(Heavyweight Division) Top 10 boxer by ranking

Now boxing is one of the interesting game in the world. It’s also a popular in different country. There are different boxing league is famous in various country. Here we discus about the ranking of Heavyweight Division. Heavyweight Division is one of the well known part of world boxing. Here the all the competitors weight is over 200 pounds. World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Organization and World Boxing Association are select the player who has right to play in this league. Here we discus about the top ten boxer of Heavyweight Division.

10. Ruslan Chagaev:

Ruslan Chagaev

Ruslan Chagaev is the Uzbek boxer who played in heavyweight division. he is stand in the number 10 of heavyweight division. Chagaev stand in ten won against journeyman Fres Oquendo. journeyman is lose his position for his poor performance. So it’s its a honor for Chagaev standing in number 10 in heavyweight division.

09. Vyacheslav Glazkov:


The Vyacheslav Glazkov is a boxer who came from Ukraine. He has an Olympic bronze medal. He is a really good player. In last August he was struggled against Derric Rossy. He was lucky cause he won that for a majority decision. Now he standing in number 9 in heavyweight division.

08. Mike Perez:


The Cuban boxer Mike Perez is a real fighter in boxing. He is now stand in 8 position in heavyweight division. Perez is lucky cause he drawn against Carlos Takam in last year January. He lost against Bryant Jennings. A questionable point deduction is the cause of lost with Jennings.

07. Deontay Wilder:

Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder has a Olympic bronze medal. He is a good boxer. His playing style is really nice. He is stand in 7 position in.

06. Bryant Jennings:


Bryant Jennings is ranked in the heavyweight division. He was beat Mike Perez by a split decision. Jennings earn a questionable point in this match. So it is a plus point for him. Jennings is now stand in number 6 position in heavy weight division.

05. Tyson Fury:


A real boxer Tyson Fury is also in the raking. He is a British-Irish boxer. He also ranked in top 10 boxer in heavy weight. He stand in number 5 position in this table.

04. Kubrat Pulev: 


The Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev also in t his table. Pulev played last November against Wladimir Klitschko. He lost that match. After this match he is come back in heavy weight. And now his position is number 4 in heavy weight.

03. Bermane Stiverne: 

Bermane Stiverne, Chris Arreola

The well known boxer Bermane Stiverne is come from haiti. He is also in the rankaing in heavy weight. He performance is also good to other. He stand in third position in heavy weight.

02. Alexander Povetkin:

Alexander Povetkin v Jason Estrada - IBF International Championship

The Russian Alexander Povetkin is highlighte when he played against Wladimir Klitschko is October 2013. Then he is also starting to rising his power. Now he is famous for his heavyweight division position. His stand 2nd position in this division.

01. Wladimir Klitschko:


Wladimir Klitschko is in the top of this list. He is stand in first in this table. Klitschko has three legitimate belts of four. He is a good performer in this division. he is also a famous player. He is the one of the best performer in last year. So he is the number one in this ranking table.




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