Genoa VS Inter Milan 3-2 full match video highlights (Italian Serie A)

There is still 2 weeks left of Italian Serie A. One of the top teams of Italian Serie A Inter Milan was defeated by Genoa here. The ball possession says that Inter Milan had the ball most of the time but in the end it was Genoa that won the match. At half time the score was 2-2 but in the 2nd half only Genoa was able to score a goal and that won them the match.


the goal scorers were –

19″, Icardi, 0-1, Inter Milan

24″, Pavoletti, 1-1, Genoa

30″, Palacio, 1-2, Inter Milan

41″, Lestienne, 2-2, Genoa

89″, Kucka, 3-2, Genoa