Fights in Football 2014 update video clips


As the world #1 most popular sports, football is enjoyable and highly exciting. Beside football it’s make fun sometimes and also happen some violence in football cause of much exciting. Though most of the footballer tried to get some benefit through foul and hitting opponent but cause of the sincerity of Authority football fight reduced. Once upon a time it happen between full team players, sideline members including coach, referee, police and full supporters of two teams as well. Really it should stopped by FIFA/UEFA/CFA the organizer of footballer. But those fights happen in this days are enjoyable cause it won’t much serious. Lets enjoy one of the most popular video clips where you can watch soccer fights of International matches & club football. Billion amount view got this video on youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and others.

In this video you can watch the fights of Thomas Mullar & Pepe in world cup 2014 group round match, Fight of Pepe & Neymar in club football, violence in English premier league, Cristiano Ronaldo’s tricky fouls, direct hard free kick to laying footballer, boxing with referee and so.

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