FIFA Ballon D’or Gala Award Ceremony 2014 Highlights/Replay (12-01-2015)

Though Golden boot, Golden ball is important for a footballer but FIFA Ballon D’or is important for a footballer to make history and it’s mention that he is the best footballer of that year. This FIFA Ballon D’or 2014 award giving ceremony helding 12 January, 2015 which will live telecast by some of sports TV channel like sky sports 5, Euro Sports, Fox sports and so others. You can also watch free this FIFA Ballon D’or 2014 Ceremony live stream online with youtube channel of FIFA on this page of Sports Bluster on the program time or, we can also prefer sky sports 5 to provide online telecasting of this program to show you.

FIFA Ballon D or

In the end of the year December, 2014 FIFA announced a short list of possible qualifier of FIFA Ballon D’or and now there have only Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo & Manuel Neuer.

It’s really quiet difficult to say the exact winner of this Ballon D’or cause everyone done great job in some specific competition and felt trouble in few of tournaments.

As like Christiano Ronaldo done very well in in 2013-14 & 2014-15 session and scored a huge amount of goal for Real Madrid but his performance in Portugal team was not well.

Lionel Messi done extremely well in FIFA world cup 2014 but can’t score goal like Ronaldo in La liga. On the other hand, Manuel Neuer would get favoure as his goal keeping Germany & Bayern Munich won 2 top tournaments.

Christiano Ronaldo get ready to come in Ballon D’or ceremony with his girl friend by own helicopter.

Huge amount of people waiting to see that who is selecting as the best footballer of the year 2014.




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