Chennai Super Kings defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 3 wickets

the match of CSK and RCB couldn’t get any close than this. Viewers had to wait till the very last moment of the match to find who would win today.

Bangalore came to bat first in this match. But their most reliable 2 batsmen were unsuccessful today. Perhaps that is the biggest reason they lost. Both Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers couldn’t contribute much. Although Gayle tried to keep his cool and hang on to the wicket, he was not devastating like he always is. Otherwise, with him playing 40+ balls, the score wouldn’t have been so low. Nehra bowled an amazing spell at the start of the match and took 3 wickets in total in his bowling Spell. it was thanks to Karthik and SN Khan that Bangalore even manged to get to 139/8 in their 20 overs. It was a poor score and some were thinking that Bangalore doesn’t have a chance but they could not be more wrong.


CSK had a good batting lineup and they must have been thinking about an easy win but they were in for a lot of pain. Although the top 3 players got good runs but they took their time and wickets were falling in regular Interval. hussey was the only exception. He saved his wicket and at the same time scored at a good rate. He is the one that took the team to victory. Dhoni also got a 20+ score and helped with the win but they had to go through a hell lot of sweat to reach there. All the bowlers of Bangalore got wickets today. Chahal took 2 wickets abut he was hit the most. In the end Chennai got the win but the match could not have been any closer than that. Bangalore had bad luck with their batting and that is what gave Chennai the chance they wanted.

Information –

Match of – Chennai Super Kings VS Royal Challengers Bangalore

Bangalore – 139/8

Chennai – 140/7

Result – Chennai won the match by 3 wickets with 1 ball remaining.



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