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Boxing schedule of March, 2015

Boxing schedule of March, 2015

Now a days boxing is very favourite game in world wide. Different country arrange different league and tournament of boxing. In 2015 different tournament is arranged by different country. Here we make a schedule of boxing in 2015. Boxing Fixture of 2015: 05 March 2015:  Jason Pettaway VS Joseph Parker (Manukau City, New Zealand). Carlo Magali

(Heavyweight Division) Top 10 boxer by ranking

Now boxing is one of the interesting game in the world. It’s also a popular in different country. There are different boxing league is famous in various country. Here we discus about the ranking of Heavyweight Division. Heavyweight Division is one of the well known part of world boxing. Here the all the competitors weight is over 200 pounds. World Boxing

Top 10 highest paid boxer in the world 2015

One time the boxer was paid if they win match with high fighting performance. But the the time is change. Now the boxer is perform various boxing tournament. They earn lot of money. Many country has boxing federation. They arrange many tournament. Many big tournament recognized boxing. So now boxing is very popular and interesting